Back in time

En: Last couple of days were crazy beautiful, guys! Everything started when i decided to go out for a drink with one of my oldest friends, Alex. Actually, it was a beer :)). Anyway, once we met, he had the craziest idea: “What can we do? Let’s drive to the seaside!”, he said. At first, i was like: “No way in hell! I have an exam tomorrow. I can’t do that!”, but he insisted and, of course, i gave in. So this is the way i ended up spending my night at the Black Sea. It was spontaneous and nice and it felt just a little bit wrong, because of my english exam. But everything turned out ok. :D

The other things that made me very happy were the pictures of me Mihai took these days. First, the pictures with the outfit that i’m gonna present to you, and second, the pictures that remain a surprise, at least for now.

Oh, and another thing that made me very happy was that i met my favourite fashion bloggers, as in Mona, Gabriela, Nookie, Alice, Ioana, Stela, Raluca and Petronela.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for Inspirational Wednesday!

xoxo, bees

Ultimele cateva zile au fost minunate, dragilor! Totul a inceput cand am hotarat sa ma intalnesc cu un vechi prieten, Alex, la un suc. Odata ce ne-am intalnit, Alex m-a surprins cu o idee venita asa, de nicaieri: “Hai la mare!”. Primul meu impuls a fost sa spun ca nu merg nicaieri, avand in vedere ca in ziua urmatoare aveam examen la engleza. Dar, cum sunt o persoana destul de usor de convins, am cedat insistentelor lui Alex si-am ajuns, la 2 noaptea, la mare. Desi m-am simtit un pic prost ca am plecat asa, din senin, cand ar fi trebuit sa invat pentru examen, sentimentul acela a disparut dimineata.

Celalalt lucru  care m-a facut foarte fericita a fost sedinta foto pe care eu si Mihai am facut-o zilele astea. Bine, de fapt, au fost doua, dar despre cea de-a doua veti afla mai multe zilele urmatoare. Cam atat. Ramaneti aproape, pentru ca urmeaza Inspirational Wednesday! :D

pups, bees

_MG_0609m_MG_0603m_MG_0601m_MG_0622m_MG_0634m_MG_0638m_MG_0628m _MG_0644m

Am purtat/ I wore:

Top- Atmosphere

Jeans/ Blugi-Thrifted/ Second Hand

Oxfords/ Pantofi Oxford- Vintage

Eyeglasses/ Ochelari- Versace

Photos: Mihai Vasile Photography


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