EN: Hello there, bees!

Well, hons, now i should study for my exams, but no, i’m takin’ pictures and i’m walking around the city. Way to go, Madalina!

Last days were very productive for my closet and for my big passion for fashion(ahahahahaha), but sooooooo very unproductive for my credit card. I bought myself a lot of things and i’m so proud and excited about them, though the gulit is practically demand to be felt.

Yesterday i wore for the first time my wonderful new heels from H&M. I absolutely adore them! Ah, another good thing was that i found a Thrift Store near Mihai’s apartmanet, were i found two amazing midi skirts (heart, heart, heart). I’ll show them and the other great stuff i bought those couple days in my next post.

About my outfit… I LOVE MY HEELS! I LOVE THEM, i swer on H&M! The dress i wear is from Atmosphere, the bag from New Yorker(i’ve got it on spring sales) and the necklace, the sunglasses and the earrings are also from H&M.

Next time i’ll brag with the rest of my new wonders! Till then, besitos!

RO: Heeeei, iubiri!

Ar trebui sa invat pentru examenele care urmeaza, dar nu, eu am ales sa fac poze si sa ma plimb non-stop prin oras! Cand am aflat ca am primit banii pe card, m-a furnicat tot corpul si nu am mai putut sta in casa, asa ca am iesit si am luat magazinele la rand. Ieri a fost o zi, desi proasta pentru dispozitia mea, foarte productiva pentru sifonierul meu si DELOC productiva pentru cardul de credit. Mi-am cumparat foarte multe lucruri de care-s foarte mandra si entuziasmata, dar care atrag dupa ele, cumva, un sentiment de vina. Stiti voi, copiii din Africa…

Ieri am avut ocazia sa port pentru prima data noile mele sandale de la H&M. LE ADOR, intelegeti? LE ADOR! Sunt comode si versatile si MINUNATE! O sa abuzez de ele, ‘pare rau! Si de colierul ala, care mi se pare ca-i basic, dar deosebit. Un alt lucru minunat a fost ca am gasit un Second Hand tare in spatele blocului lui Mihai, de unde mi-am luat 2 fuste midi foarte frumoase. O sa le vedeti zilele urmatoare si pe astea, si celelalte minuni care au intrat in sifonierul meu zilele trecute!

Am purtat minunatele sandale de la H&M, cercei, ochelari si colier tot din H&M, rochie Atmosphere si  geanta New Yorker.

O sa ma laud zilele urmatoare cu restul lucrurilor. Pana atunci va pup tare, tare!



 I lololove my minimalistic white nails.


Ah, and these girls… man, i barely can stay on heels and they were walking with those huge drumsticks. _MG_0832m

Photos: Mihai Vasile Photography


10 responses to “Golden

  1. Foarte frumoasa pozele! Tintua te prinde tare bine!

    Si acum spune unde sta MIhai! :)) Trebuie sa ajung si eu la Sh-ul ala. :D

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