Viva el sun!

En: Hei, guys! Long time, no personal post. So here i am, with some fresh stories and photos! So, sweethearts, about two weeks ago, me and my friend Dorina were bored. So bored, that we couldn’t decide, at first, between a girls night out and a short trip to the seaside. You know, we have a pretty low budget these days, like any average romanian student, so, even if a girls night out was cheaper, the idea of going to the sea was very atractive. So it won. We left Bucharest Friday night and stayed in Mamaia resort. After three days on the beach, with our friends Laura and Mihai, i got so tanned that my skin hurts with every touch. Literally. My nose is red, like Rudolf’s. I cannot get used to my new skin color. But it was totally woth it. Here are some pics. :D

Ro: Hei, dragii mei! A trecut ceva timp de cand nu am mai facut un post personal, asa ca m-am intors, cu povesti si poze noi. Acesta nu este un fashion post, dar am vrut sa impartasesc cu voi pozele astea care mi-s foarte dragi.

Cam acum doua saptamani, eu si Dorina eram extrem de  plictisite si nu ne puteam decide cum am putea sa “consumam” o seara din sesiune, altfel decat invatand. Eu am pomenit ceva de iesit in oras, iar ea o tinea sus si tare cu marea. Desi la inceput am crezut ca glumeste, am zis ok, mergem la mare. Si-am tinut-o asa vreo saptamana, pana cand ne-am trezit, vineri seara, in microbuzul de Constanta, imbracate de acasa cu costumele de baie, echipate si pregatite de apa marii.  A doua zi ni s-au alaturat Mihai si Laura. Am stat 3 zile in Mamaia si, dupa 3 zile de plaja, ne-am intors super arsi de soare. Am nasul rosu, rosu si nu ma pot obisnui deloc cu noua mea culoare.

Ah, voiam sa va mai spun ca am facut baie-n mare goala, si pe ploaie, si noaptea. A fost fantastic. Niciodata nu m-am simtit mai libera.

Acum va las cu pozele!

pups, bees

_MG_0981m_MG_0988m_MG_0952m_MG_1021m_MG_1038m_MG_1064 copym_MG_1013 copym

And here it is that funny gif i was talking about. This is what Mihai catched on his camera: Dorina(right) being surprised by a wave and me, laughing my ass out and being a bad friend. I love you, hun!

Si asta-i giful amuzant despre care va vorbeam. Asta a reusit sa prinda Mihai pe camera: Dorina(dreapta) surprinsa de un val, iar eu  razand de mama focului, ca o prietena rea ce sunt. Te iubesc, babes!



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