Characters and their style- Carrie Bradshaw

EN: Another column on my blog will be, starting from today, Characters and their style, which will give us the oportunity to talk about a movie or a TV show character and it’s style, lovies.

I’ll start with Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the well-known Sex and the city. Carrie Bradshow was and remains an inspiring  model. Her bold style drove all the women crazy in the 2000s. Her eclectic style was hypnotizing for shy girls in an absolutely amazing way.

You can surely use Carrie’s courage like a style lesson. She is bold, original and she clearly shows how much she loves fashion in each and every of her outfits. Starting with vintage, designer clothes, haute couture pieces, to simple, casual or club wear, Carrie Bradshaw’s dressing room is all a woman can dream of.

RO: O alta rubrica la care m-am gandit pentru voi, dragilor, este cea in care vom vizualiza si discuta stilul unui personaj dintr-un film/ serial.

Am ales sa-ncep cu Carrie Bradshaw, interpretata de Sarah Jessica Parker in bine-cunoscutul serial Sex and the city, al carei stil indraznet cucerea femeile timide ale anilor 2000 intr-un mod aproape hipnotizant.

O lectie de stil oglindita perfect de personajul lui Sarah Jessica Parker este data de curajul si libertatea cu care aceasta isi construieste fiecare outfit. De la piese vintage, de designer, haute couture, pana la haine simple, casual, sau de club, dressing-ul lui Carrie Bradshaw este, cu siguranta, visul oricarei femei indragostite de moda.

Sex-and-the-City-1EN: Carrie dresses quite effeminately, so you may have to adjust your current levels of femininity to match Carrie’s. Or you could be a butch Carrie, it’s up to you. But on the whole, feminine works better. The accent falls almost always on accessories, patterns, fabrics or on her fabulous Manolo Blahniks, which are biggest crush. Her outfits are rarely  usual, but hey, Carrie looks fabulous even when she’s wearing loose boys underwear, isn’t she?

Her tulle skirts, her lovely flowery dresses, her strappy sandle stilettos and her gourgeous curly hair remind us that her character can live in any of us.

Here’s what the official SATC website says about Carrie’s Style:
“The most fashion-forward of all the Sex and the City girls, Carrie’s style defies all categorization. Rummage through Carrie’s closet and you’ll find haute couture pieces side by side with vintage frocks, downtown club wear and miles of Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Carrie expresses her eclectic, whimsical self and that of her city through a masterful and sometimes outrageous mix of these styles. A fashion chameleon, Carrie can start her day looking like a streetwise pixie, change into a neo-bohemian outfit for lunch, don an elegant princess dress for dinner and slip into a skin-baring ensemble for a late-night party. Every season, she makes a signature statement through her accessories. First it was the nameplate necklace, then the flower pins, and “baguette” bags and then, gloves, newsboy hats and the diamond/gold stackable jewelry from Mia and Lizzie.”

RO:Stilul acesteia este unul feminin, accentul picand intotdeuna pe accesorii, imprimeuri, materiale sau fabulosii Manolo Blahnik, de care este irecuperabil indragostita. Outfiturile ei sunt rareori simple, banale, dar hei, Carrie are darul de a arata fabulos si intr-o pereche de chiloti barbatesti largi, asa-i?

Fustele din tul, rochiile inflorate, sandalele tip stiletto, parul carliontat, gentutele cu personalitate- toate aceste elemente amintesc de indragitul personaj si ii inlesnesc subtila aparitie in stilul oricareia dintre noi.

‘I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.’ spunea Carrie, intr-unul dintre episoade.

Sex-and-the-City-6EN: Word of advice: Mix, dare, but don’t exaggerate. Wear your clothes with love and make the most unexpected and original combinations; perfectly harmonize them with your personality. A plus of happiness and attitude and you could never fail.

RO: Sfat: Mixeaza, indrazneste, dar nu exagera. Poarta-ti hainele cu drag si combina-le cat mai original, cat mai potrivit personalitatii tale si, combinandu-le cu voie buna si atitudine, este imposibil sa dai gres.


Sex and the city


EN: The story of these four girls from New York, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, was, at some point, the story of any of us. Carrie is known for her love for fashion, especially for shoes, Miranda is the workaholic, Charlotte is the conservative and emotional one, and Samantha is the confident powerful women who loves sex. If you haven’t seen it already, you must. I guarantee you’ll love it. I’ve already seen it twice. Kisses, darlings!

RO:Povestile celor patru prietene new-yorkeze Carrie, Samantha, Miranda si Charlotte a fost, la un moment, povestile oricareia dintre noi, fiind foarte usor sa ne regasim intr-unul din personaje: Carrie- indragostita de moda si cumparaturi, Miranda- workaholic, Charlotte- familista convinsa, Samantha- femeia puternica increzatoare, cu-n sex drive nebun. Daca nu l-ati vazut pana acum, vi-l recomand cu toata caldura. Eu l-am vazut deja de doua ori si cred ca am cate ceva din toate.  Va imbratisez cu drag!


Sex and the city is a great story about friendship, love, relationships and fashion!

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